Darkreading.com reported that “To be fair, AI definitely has a few clear advantages for cybersecurity…in reality, like any technology, AI has its limitations.” The July 20, 2018 article entitled “Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not a Silver Bullet for Cybersecurity” included these comments about #1 Fool Me Once: AI Can Be Used to Fool Other AIs:

This is the big one for me.

If you’re using AI to better detect threats, there’s an attacker out there who had the exact same thought.

Where a company is using AI to detect attacks with greater accuracy, an attacker is using AI to develop malware that’s smarter and evolves to avoid detection.

Basically, the malware escapes being detected by an AI … by using AI.

Once attackers make it past the company’s AI, it’s easy for them to remain unnoticed while mapping the environment, behavior that a company’s AI would rule out as a statistical error.

Even when the malware is detected, security already has been compromised and damage might already have been done.

Here are all three reasons AI may not be the Silver Bullet for Cybersecurity:

  1. Fool Me Once: AI Can Be Used to Fool Other AIs
  2. Power Matters: With Low-Power Devices, AI Might Be Too Little, Too Late
  3. The Known Unknown: AI Can’t Analyze What It Does Not Know

You don’t even use AI to realize this pretty sound advice.

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