reported that “The United States and 55 other nations on Thursday signed a political commitment to push rules for the internet that are underpinned by democratic values, at a time when the U.S. has accused Russia of wielding internet disruptions as a part of its escalating attacks on Ukraine.”  The April 28, 2022 article entitled “U.S. joins 55 nations to set new global rules for the internet” included these comments about “The commitment, called the “Declaration for the Future of the Internet“:

…the first such effort of its kind – protects human rights, promotes free flow of information, protects the privacy of users, and sets rules for a growing global digital economy among steps to counter what two Biden administration officials called a “dangerous new model” of internet policy from countries such as Russia and China.

The United States is witnessing a global trend of rising digital authoritarianism, with countries such as Russia having acted to repress freedom of expression, censor independent news sites, interfere with elections, promote disinformation, and deny their citizens other human rights, the officials said.

Hopeful that this Declaration will be successful.

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