Darkreading.com reported that “Security experts expect that some of the attacks will be targeted and executed by state-backed Russian threats.” The February 25, 2022 article entitled “7 Steps to Take Right Now to Prepare for Cyberattacks by Russia” included these comments about Step #5 Communicate:

There’s only so much organizations are going to be able to do by way of implementing security controls that they do not already have in place to prepare for potential Ukraine-related cyberattacks.

So, alerting employees about the likelihood of advanced phishing attacks, misinformation campaigns, and attempts by Russian cyber attackers to compromise corporate systems is key to reducing exposure to these vectors.

Security teams should check executive connections to or communications about politically sensitive topics — such as social media posts critical of Russia.

Consider also putting an insider playbook in place to address potential security issues from malicious insiders, the incident response and readiness firm said.

Here are all 7 steps:

  1. Assess Your Exposure: Not Everyone Faces the Same Risks
  2. Minimize Your Attack Surface
  3. Execute the Basics
  4. Watch Those B2B VPN Connections
  5. Communicate
  6. Minimize Changes
  7. High-Risk Organizations Should Consider an ISAC Membership<!–

Good advice!

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