Darkreading.com reported that “Everyone agrees cybersecurity is an urgent issue, but uncertainty still reins in how companies tackle it. The typical IT team is struggling under the weight of a variety of increasingly sophisticated intrusions, from social engineering attacks that fool users into compromising systems and confidential information to exploitation of obscure software vulnerabilities.”  The February 3, 2022 article entitled “Hackers Went Wild in 2021 — Every Company Should Do These 5 Things in 2022” included these comments about #1 Zero Trust:

The zero-trust security model assumes that all traffic on a network could be a threat and requires that every user go through an authentication process and be authorized before they access sensitive applications or data.

Though zero trust does not protect against every possible attack, it reduces risk.

It speeds up threat detection in today’s world, where cloud computing has dramatically expanded the attack surface and rendered traditional notions of perimeter security obsolete.

Here are all 5 things to help defend from hackers:

1. Zero trust

2. Software bill of materials

3. Automated vulnerability management

4. Secure configuration.

5. Regulatory awareness

In 2022 these ideas make a lot of sense!

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