Darkreading.com reported that “…the cybersecurity industry must come to terms with the fact that something is fundamentally broken.” The January 26, 2022 article entitled “Cybersecurity Is Broken: How We Got Here & How to Start Fixing It” included these comments “A Greater Focus on Supply Chain Attacks”:

One of the latest targets for cybercriminals is disruption to supply chains. Production networks are an attractive target for bad actors. If a company isn’t able to provide its product to customers, it isn’t able to make any money. Often, a disruption to a company’s supply chain is more costly than a disruption to its corporate network. This puts more pressure on the target and gives the bad actors behind the attack greater leverage.

This isn’t a problem creeping up on the horizon, either; It’s already here. A recent study of UK businesses found that 97% suffered a supply chain breach in 2021. It’s a high number compared to the worldwide average but should be an wake-up call to organizations everywhere. Companies should take a holistic, risk-based approach to cybersecurity to identify the biggest threats to their entire business, including their supply chain.

No surprises in this report!

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