DarkReading.com reported that “Attackers continue to use phishing and spam as a primary way to steal credentials from unwary users, with emails carrying links to more than 5.6 million phishing sites and laden with 36 million malware attachments, new data shows.”  The November 2, 2021 report entitled “Phishing and Spam Lures Feature Sports, Aim to Steal Credentials” included these comments:

Software security firm Kaspersky’s new quarterly review of spam and phishing data found that the most popular subjects in the emails included a variety of sports — including the delayed Euro 2020 soccer tournament and the Tokyo Olympics — and video games, with popular schemes including support scams, which aim to get victims to call with credit-card information, and COVID-19 scams, which aim to collect sensitive information on victims.

Overall, spam accounted for 45% of global email traffic, down 1% from the previous quarter and roughly even with Q1 2021. The messages usually redirected recipients to phishing sites for major brands or, in another popular tactic, used a purported charge on a major brand’s site to scare users into calling support, stated Tatyana Scherbakova, a senior Web analyst at Kaspersky, in the quarterly report.

Please increase your Phishing training!

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