reported that “Self-professed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright put an autism expert on the stand in a Miami courtroom Friday in his multibillion-dollar dispute with the estate of a deceased computer software developer, in an attempt to explain to jurors how his statements in and out of the courtroom can be easily misconstrued.”  The November 19, 2021 report entitled “Bitcoin ‘Inventor’ Brings In Autism Expert To Help Defense” included this testimony from Ami Klin (a psychologist who is the director of the Marcus Autism Center in Georgia):

…explained to jurors how he had diagnosed Wright with autism and found that while he had some extraordinary strengths, he lacked the ability to successfully navigate social situations.

His ability to learn language and to use language to acquire factual information is higher than about 99.99% of the population,

But his ability to navigate a social situation when we need common sense, when we need street smarts, is lower than 1% of the population.

Interesting testimony!

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