reported that Craig Wright “…who is the chief scientist at blockchain company nChain, claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous author of the white paper released in October 2008 that described a “peer-to-peer version of electronic cash” that would later become bitcoin.”  The November 17, 2021 article entitled “Hard Drives In Bitcoin Trial Are Inaccessible, Jury Told” included these comments:

Jurors in a multibillion-dollar trial involving the self-professed inventor of bitcoin got a crash course in electronic storage and formatting on Wednesday as an expert explained that almost all of deceased computer forensics expert Dave Kleiman’s electronic devices had been reformatted after his death.

Nicholas Chambers, an executive at AlixPartners LLP and digital forensics expert, told jurors in Miami that he reviewed the five hard drives and nine thumb drives found at Kleiman’s home, but almost all had been reformatted or changed in a way that made it difficult, if not impossible, to access the contents, which are at the center of the dispute between Kleiman’s brother Ira Kleiman and Craig Wright, who claims he invented bitcoin.

Hard to prove anything to the jury if the electronic evidence is unavailable!

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