DarkReading.com reported that “BOPIS transactions increased by 208% in April 2020 compared with April 2019, according to a May 2020 Adobe report. Adobe predicted in a March 2021 report that e-commerce spending will reach between $850 billion and $930 billion this year.” The October 18, 2021 report entitled “Loss Prevention Teams Up With Cybersecurity to Address Retail Fraud” included these comments:

Fraud comes in many forms.

One common example is a fraudster purchasing an iPhone, removing the iPhone from the packaging, placing something that weighs similar to an iPhone into the packaging, and returning the re-shrink-wrapped package for a refund,…

A cybersecurity element in this kind of fraud comes when the bad actor purchases stolen payment card data and user personal information from online criminal marketplaces to make illicit purchases.

Watch out for BOPIS!!!

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