reported that “Anonymous “press release” announcing the Epik data breach…More than 15 million email addresses and accompanying personal details have been leaked online under the banner of Anonymous.”  The September 20, 2021 report entitled “Web Hoster Epik’s Breach Exposes 15 Million Email Addresses” included these comments:

All of the leaked information allegedly comes from Epik, a Bellevue, Washington-based domain name registrar and web hosting service that was targeted by the Anonymous hacktivist collective last week.

The leaked information, comprising 180GB of data, includes not just information on Epik’s own customers and systems, but also details for millions of other individuals and organizations who had their information scraped via “Whois” queries from domain name registrars, according to the free breach-notification service Have I Been Pwned, which received a set of the exposed data.

What needs to change to protect our personal information?

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