reported about the Federal Trade Commission’s blog entitled “Phishing scheme targets unemployment insurance benefits and PII” that “Identity thieves are targeting millions of people nationwide with scam phishing texts aimed at stealing personal information, unemployment benefits, or both.”  The August 9, 2021 report entitled “FTC Warns: SMS Phishing Scam Impersonates State Agencies” included these comments:

The FTC says fraudsters are impersonating the employment and labor agencies to dupe users into clicking malicious links portrayed as forms for refiling or verifying unemployment benefits.

Security experts say the campaign is the latest example of how phishing is moving to SMS, which can potentially affect corporate networks as more workers use smartphones.

The FTC’s warning comes as phishing attacks continue to be a top vector for cybercriminals targeting remote workers.

Enterprise end users who rely on BYOD devices and fall victim to smishing attacks can open the door to intrusions that can potentially cripple corporate networks.

No doubt that everyone needs to be vigilant about Smishing!

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