The Washington Post reported that “The metaverse is different from today’s virtual reality, where clunky headsets offer siloed experiences and few chances to cross-play with people who own other gadgets. Instead, the metaverse would be a massive communal cyberspace, linking augmented reality and virtual reality together, enabling avatars to hop seamlessly from one activity to the next.”  The August 30, 2021 article entitled “Big Tech wants to build the ‘metaverse.’ What on Earth does that mean?” included these comments:

Microsoft, Facebook and other tech companies claim a virtual reality universe is the future of the Internet.

The metaverse doesn’t exist today, and there’s no clear date for its arrival.

Augmented reality and virtual reality have yet to woo the masses and remain a niche interest, despite Zuckerberg’s pledge in 2017 to bring a billion people onto Oculus headsets.

Stay tuned for the Metaverse which is coming at some point!

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