reported that “A hacker stole $97 million in cryptoassets from the Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Liquid, which announced the breach via Twitter late Wednesday and halted deposits and withdrawals.”  The August 19, 2021 report entitled “Hacker Steals $97 Million From Crypto Exchange ‘Liquid’” included these comments from Liquid that “the hacker transferred funds to the following addresses, among others:”

•Bitcoin: 1Fx1bhbCwp5LU2gHxfRNiSHi1QSHwZLf7q;

•Ethereum/Energy Web Token: 0x5578840aae68682a9779623fa9e8714802b59946;

•TRON: TSpcue3bDfZNTP1CutrRrDxRPeEvWhuXbp;

•Ripple: rfapBqj7rUkGju7oHTwBwhEyXgwkEM4yby.

Then in a “follow-up blog post, Liquid” said:

…it first detected the unauthorized access early Thursday, local time, and confirmed crypto assets had been moved out of Liquid wallets.

It notes that $16 million worth of Ethereum assets had been frozen “due to the assistance of the crypto community and other exchanges”.

Obviously all crypto exchanges need to be on high alert!

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