reported that “Because of the shortage of cybersecurity workers, the federal government and the private sector need to consider accepting high school graduates as entry-level employees as well as finding new staff through certificate programs and apprenticeships, cyber education experts told a House subcommittee last week.”  The August 2, 2021 article entitled “Congress Hears Ideas for Boosting Cybersecurity Workforce” included these comments:

The subcommittee heard testimony from five witnesses who listed flaws in the way the government and private sector attempt to attract, train and retain potential cybersecurity workers.

They suggested actions, such as developing apprenticeship programs, increasing funding for the DHS Cybersecurity Education and Training Assistance Program and reducing the time needed to onboard new federal cybersecurity staff.

The hands-on experience that can be gained via certification programs, cyber competitions and training programs carries great value for problem-solving against today’s emerging threats,…

By removing degree requirements and focusing on relevant cyber training, we have the potential to greatly expand the pool of available cybersecurity talent.

The sooner the better to add more Cybersecurity professionals!

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