reported that “The shift to remote work amid the pandemic resulted in 47 percent of organizations reporting an increase of personal devices being used for work. As a result, a total of 82 percent of organizations said they now actively enable BYOD to some extent.”  The June 17, 2021 report entitled “Organizations ill-equipped to deal with growing BYOD security threats” included these comments about a survey from Bitglass and Cybersecurity Insiders:

A total of 41 percent of organizations reported relying on endpoint malware protection for BYOD—an approach that is not ideal for personal devices which are hard to control and manage.

30 percent of firms said they don’t protect against malware for BYOD at all. While cloud-based malware protection tools are often a far better fit, only 11 percent of organizations surveyed are currently using these measures.

Where are you on BYOD security?

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