Judge Xavier Rodriquez wrote a book review about AI in court in the book “When Machines Can Be Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Justice in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” written by former US District Judge Katherine Bolan Forrest which “addresses the growing use of artificial intelligence tools that augment or potentially displace human judgment. In specific, she focuses on AI assessment tools that are used to predict risk and needs assessments, or RNAs, for offenders.”  The May 18, 2021 book review entitled “Judging A Book: Rodriguez Reviews ‘When Machines Can Be Judge’” included these comments:

These RNA tools are often used to guide judicial decisions on whether to grant a criminal defendant bail or remand, and the duration and conditions of a defendant’s incarceration.

Forrest’s prior service as a judge, her interest in technology, and her easy-to-read writing style makes for an interesting and understandable introduction to AI as it is currently used in the criminal justice process.

Forrest concludes her book with a discussion of how AI has been deployed in lethal autonomous weapons used by our military forces.

In an approving tone, she notes that these weapons can result in increased identification accuracy, allow for dispassionate decision making, and enable quick decisions about whether to engage a target.

Interesting perspective on AI in the Courtroom!

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