reported that “The increasing reliance on collaboration tools such as Slack and Discord to support those working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up new ways for fraudsters and cybercriminals to bypass security tools and deliver malware.”  The April 9, 2021 article entitled “Fraudsters Flooding Collaboration Tools With Malware” included these comments:

Fraudsters are targeting these collaboration platforms as a delivery mechanism for malware so they can bypass perimeter security protections because the platforms are considered trusted parts of the network that employees use for essential communication.

Potential targets who see a link in a chat room they’re used to interacting in on a regular basis may be more likely to open any files that are attached to those rooms or click on links that seem like they’re from colleagues,…

These rooms may also provide a direct communications pathway between adversaries and employees that can be abused to facilitate the delivery process.

Of course these problems can be reduced with enforcing proper security measures!

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