DarkReading.com reported about the Kaspersky “IT security economics part 4: managing your IT security team” that “52% of enterprises have a dedicated IT Security department while some further diversified the workforce – 20% have an internal security operations center and 14% employ a special malware analysis team.”  The March 9, 2021 report entitled “48% of Security Pros Prohibited From Intelligence-Sharing” included these key findings:

High workloads (41% overall and 46% in IT security roles) is the primary reason given for leaving a department

69% of businesses are planning to use MSPs and MSSPs in the next 12 months.

Among the main drivers are a need for special expertise and improved cost effectiveness (41%)

IT security specialists spend as much as six hours each week on non-work activities.

The most widespread distractions are reading news articles, watching YouTube or TV series’, and even exercising

While more than half (66%) of threat intelligence analysts participate in a professional community, only 44% of them have ever shared their insights with peers

No surprises in this Kaspersky Report!

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