In February 2016 I blogged about “Great news for eCommerce! Congress passes Permanent Ban on Internet Taxes!” but the Washington Post reported “Top lobbying groups backed by Amazon, Facebook, Google and other technology giants sued Maryland on Thursday, seeking to scuttle a new state tax on their massive online-advertising revenue — and stop other local governments from following its lead.”  The February 18, 2021 article entitled “Silicon Valley-backed groups sue Maryland to kill country’s first-ever online advertising tax” included these comments:

The lawsuit from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and groups such as the Internet Association, whose members include Amazon, Facebook and Google, comes just a week after the state imposed the tax to help fund education

The legal challenge contends that Maryland’s first-in-the-nation tax is unfair, unconstitutional and incompatible with federal laws that prohibit state policymakers from instituting levies specifically targeting online services

Because this new Tax affects everyone’s use of the Internet this will be important case to follow!

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