MIT Sloan Review reported that “New technologies such as machine learning, robotics, digital twins, and supercomputing can dramatically improve the odds of successful discovery — through faster and more efficient selection of the most promising new ideas and accelerated testing to get these ideas into development sooner. These technologies are paving the way to breakthrough advancements in fields as diverse as energy, medicine, and urban planning.”  The January 11, 2021 article entitled “How Machine Discovery Can Accelerate Solutions to Society’s Big Problems” included these comments from technology writer Luke Dormehl, author of Thinking Machines:

We’re used to thinking about machines as doing the jobs that are dull, dirty, and dangerous, whereas humans do the creative stuff,

But this line between humans as creators and machines as executors is blurring: “In practice, a lot of human creativity comes from previous ideas or brute-force experimentation — a musician might try scores of chords before finding a new tune, for example.

Interesting article, what do you think?

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