reported that “Survey findings—gathered in Q3 2020 from 1,873 professionals who work in data privacy or have knowledge of their organizations’ data privacy functions—show some positive trends for those enterprises who report they always use privacy by design.”  The January 27, 2021 article entitled “Privacy is not a one-time, check the box activity” includes these comments:

In addition to breaches, respondents identified other areas as common privacy failures, including”

  • Lack of training or poor training (64 percent)
  • Failure to perform a risk analysis (53 percent)
  • Bad or nonexistent detection of personal information (50 percent)

Survey respondents noted that the most helpful methods in overcoming these obstacles are using a privacy principles framework, experience-based credentials and privacy training.

Additionally, they report using privacy controls including encryption (77 percent), identity and access management (76 percent), and data security (71 percent).

Does this seem consistent with your own experience?

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