estimated that there will be 31 billion IoTs by January 1, 2021 so you should consider reported that “A device identifier is an ID assigned to handheld devices and used by organizations to understand, track, and analyze the devices interacting with their sites – bringing with them tremendous benefits for all involved in protecting their organizations.”  The December 9, 2020 report entitled “10 Ways Device Identifiers Can Spot a Cybercriminal” included these “10 ways a device identifier tool can protect your company”:

1. Separate attackers, fraudsters, and bots from legitimate users
2. Recognize known legitimate users
3. VPN doesn’t throw off your logic
4. Number of transactions
5. Proxy networks
6. Unknown devices
7. Single device accessing many accounts
8. Environment spoofing
9. Session hijacking
10. Login friction/credential stuffing

IoT security risks are growing at a ridiculous pace!


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