Darkreading.com reported that “one trend the pandemic highlighted was the relatively quiet shift to a choose-your-own-IT (CYOIT) model. Unlike bring-your-own-device (BYOD) — a term generally used to describe self-owned mobile devices — CYOIT encompasses a broader range of tools that workers use to do their jobs.”  The November 3, 2020 report entitled “6 Cybersecurity Lessons From 2020” included comments about CYOIT:

With BYOD, the major worry was corporate data ending up on a device where the organization had no footprint and no security stack on the device,…

Though BYOD created problems, IT still had control over the server side and could therefore enforce which apps could be used.

With CYOIT, users can choose different cloud-based apps — for example, accessing their work email via Gmail or using Zoom and Webex, among other things…

CYOIT puts more pressure on organizations to focus on the data.

If you can’t control the hardware or the apps, you [need to] have the controls travel with the data,…

Here are all 6 lessons:

#1 Security Operations Centers Need Recalibration

#2 Choose-Your-Own-IT Has Become a Thing

#3 SaaS Has Become a Bigger Attack Target

#4 Zero-Trust Initiatives Are Gaining Traction

#5 Ransomware Raises New Management Issues

#6 Nonsecurity Events Can Have a Big Impact on Security

No surprises in this report!

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