reported that “CompTIA looked at 20 metropolitan areas with populations over 250,000, where demand for tech workers is greatest. The cities were then ranked based on cost of living, number of postings for open IT positions and projected job growth over the next year as well as the next five years.”  The November 10, 2020 report entitled “2020 Tech Towns Resilient Amid Uncertainty as Remote Work Grows” included these comments:

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there remains a need for a skilled, tech-ready workforce nationwide—perhaps now more than ever as the tech industry has been critical to connecting communities around the globe this year, allowing employees to continue working, businesses to continue serving customers and students to continue learning.

And, as many Americans deal with job losses and salary cuts, technology jobs are still in demand and on the rise in many areas of the country with 3,782,409 IT job postings in the U.S., in the last 12 months.

Here are the 2020 Tech Town Index Rankings:

1.         Austin, TX

2.         Dallas, TX

3.         Raleigh, NC

4.         San Jose, CA

5.         Charlotte, NC

6.         Seattle, WA

7.         San Francisco, CA

8.         Atlanta, GA

9.         Huntsville, AL

10.       Denver, CO

11.       Washington, DC

12.       Boulder, CO

13.       Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

14.       Columbus, OH

15.       Colorado Springs, CO

16.       Boston, MA

17.       Baltimore, MD

18.       Madison, WI

19.       San Diego, CA

20.       Trenton, NJ

I’m happy to see Texas take the lead in this report!

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