reported that “State governments’ longstanding need for digital modernization has only been amplified by the pandemic, along with the essential role that cybersecurity needs to play in the discussion.” The October 15, 2020 article entitled “State and local governments under siege from cyber threats” included these comments about a Deloitte Study:

  • Fewer than 40% of states reported having a dedicated budget line item for cybersecurity.

  • Half of states still allocate less than 3% of their total information technology budget on cybersecurity.

  • CISOs identified financial fraud as three times greater of a threat as they did in 2018.

  • Overall, respondents said they believe the probability of a security breach is higher in the next 12 months, compared to responses to the same question in the 2018 study.

  • Only 27% of states provide cybersecurity training to local governments and public education entities.

  • Only 28% of states reported that they had collaborated extensively with local governments as part of their state’s security program during the past year, with 65% reporting limited collaboration.

Unfortunately no surprises here!

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