NIST has made a call for public thoughts and comments about the Four Principals of Explainable AI since “AI must be explainable to society to enable understanding, trust, and adoption of new AI technologies, the decisions produced, or guidance provided by AI systems.” The August 17, 2020 “Call for Comments on Four Principles of Explainable Artificial Intelligence” briefly describe these “…four principles of explainable AI”:

  1. Explanation: Systems deliver accompanying evidence or reason(s) for all outputs.

  2. Meaningful: Systems provide explanations that are understandable to individual users.

  3. Explanation Accuracy: The explanation correctly reflects the system’s process for generating the output.

  4. Knowledge Limits: The system only operates under conditions for which it was designed or when the system reaches a sufficient confidence in its output.

Please make comments which will be accepted until October 15, 2020 and there will no editing or redacting of comments.

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