reported that a recent 2020 Deloitte survey that “1,300 CIOs and senior technology leaders found that only 12% of organizations are using AI to replace workers, with 60% using to AI assist staff instead.”  The August 10, 2020 article entitled “AI at work: Your next co-worker could be an algorithm” included these comments

Combining the power of cloud computing and advances around machine learning, the idea is that AI assistants can take on some of the cognitive burden for human workers, who can focus on tasks they are better suited to.

Many workers already interact with AI in more subtle ways, often without realizing it, from getting instant translations in office software to accepting canned reply suggestions in email. At the same time, interactions with AI assistants are becoming more sophisticated. Voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana that are familiar in our personal lives have begun to make inroads to the workplace — for instance, helping users locate information or book meetings.

Are you ready for AI to be your co-worker?

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