reported comments from Irfan Saif (principal and AI co-leader, Deloitte & Touche) from Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 3rd Edition … “As organizations become more invested in AI, it is imperative that they have a common framework, principles and practices for the board, C-suite, enterprise and third-party ecosystem to proactively manage AI risks and build trust with both their business and customers.” The July 15, 2020 article entitled “Businesses express concerns around ethical risks for their AI initiatives” included a description of these three segments:

Seasoned adopters are setting the pace in terms of AI adoption maturity. This category of adopters has grown since the last survey in 2018 from 21% to 26%.

Skilled adopters have generally launched multiple AI production systems but are not yet as AI-mature as the Seasoned organizations. This category of adopters has grown since the last survey from 43% to 47%.

Starters are just dipping their toes into AI adoption and have not yet developed solid proficiency in building, integrating and managing AI solutions. This category of adopters has declined since the last survey from 36% to 27%.

Does this update about AI help, or hurt?

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