HelpNetSecurity reported that in “…the wake of COVID-19, health delivery organizations (HDOs) have quickly increased their utilization of telehealth capabilities (i.e., remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telemedicine) to treat patients in their homes.”  The June 22, 2020 report entitled “Privacy and security concerns related to patient data in the cloud” include these comments from the Dr. Jim Angle (co-chair of Cloud Security Alliance’s Health Information Management Working Group):

For health care systems, telehealth has emerged as a critical technology for safe and efficient communications between healthcare providers and patients, and accordingly, it’s vital to review the end-to-end architecture of a telehealth delivery system,…

A full analysis can help determine whether privacy and security vulnerabilities exist, what security controls are required for proper cybersecurity of the telehealth ecosystem, and if patient privacy protections are adequate.

Proper security of patient data is critical for everyone, so please follow this advice.

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