In August 2019 I blogged that “50% of All Businesses Have Shadow IT – So How Are You Impacted?” and now with Covid-19 locking everyone at home Computerworld reported “As workers were forced home due to the COVID-19 crisis, the potential for shadow IT went with them to their remote offices. However, it doesn’t need pose a risk. In fact, it could prove to be an asset.”  The April 28, 2020 article entitled “Shadow IT goes home: How to reduce the risk” included these comments:

By and large, IT and shadow IT have developed a dialog about a device, its ownership, the apps and the content on it, using MDM and the broader EMM (enterprise mobility management).

The results may not be perfect but there’s a grudging acceptance on both sides.

Although iOS was the mobile platform in businesses for some time, Android eventually caught up in terms of enterprise capabilities.

EMM platforms have even gained the capability to manage PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.

Then came the coronavirus and its disruption of pretty much everything.

The vast majority of workers who didn’t get laid off or furloughed are now working from home – a new experience for many.

Although unintentional, we have arrived at a new normal: a worldwide proof of concept of working completely remote, long-term.

How are you doing with Shadow IT?

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