reported that “It’s legendary: A CIO promotes his best developer or IT pro into a management role, losing an excellent tech worker and gaining a bad manager.”  The May 29, 2020 report entitled “10 steps to becoming a horrible IT boss” included in Step 8b: “For remote subordinates, take ‘If you can’t measure you can’t manage’ seriously”

They’re remote. How do you know they’re working on company business and not busily spending their time on Facebook and Instagram, or socializing with their buddies on Zoom?

Answer: Make your relationship with them transactional, based solely on the tasks you assign them and whether they successfully guess what you meant when you assigned them and complete them in the time you allotted.

Here are all 10 steps:

Step 1: Enjoy your newfound authority

Step 2: Coach

Step 3: Hold everyone accountable

Step 4: Regularly re-read the article that says IT managers should be business people, not technical people

Step 5: Make new friends

Step 6: Be decisive

Step 7: Subordinates

Step 8a: For on-site subordinates, remember that management is a lot like parenting

Step 8b: For remote subordinates, take ‘If you can’t measure you can’t manage’ seriously

Step 9: Value your subordinates’ contributions

Step 10: Lead from in front

Good luck to IT leaders in Covid-19!

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