The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) announced that “One of the new interactive dashboards provides data on cross-border complaints submitted by consumers to [a site created in 2001 by members of the ICPEN] to gather and share consumer complaints about international scams. The dashboard is updated quarterly, and includes information on the top consumer complaints, total reported losses, the top locations for fraud, and the top locations for consumer victims.”  The April 15, 2020 Press Release entitled “FTC and ICPEN Launch New Online Tools for Sharing Data about International Scams” included these comments:

In 2019, consumers reported losing a total of $151.3 million to international scams, based on the 40,432 reports they submitted to Complaints related to online shopping topped the list of consumer complaints, and included reports about misrepresented products, merchandise that didn’t arrive, and refund issues.

Other top complaint categories reported to included government imposter scams, business imposter scams, travel and vacation fraud, and romance scams.

Consumers from the United States, France, India, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada filed the most complaints, while companies located in the United States, China, United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong, and Canada were the subjects of the largest number of consumer complaints.

The second set of dashboards details data on international reports submitted to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network.

These dashboards present reports from and other data contributors.

The international reports dashboard includes data about complaints filed by foreign consumers against U.S.-based companies, reports submitted by U.S. consumers against foreign companies, and data by geographic region.

Please monitor these dashboards to stay safe!

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