Darkingreading.com reported that on March 18, 2020 this plea was made “”Make no mistake, an attack on a healthcare organization will have negative outcomes and may result in the loss of life. We ask for your empathy and cooperation. Please do not target healthcare providers during the coming months and, if you target one unintentionally, please provide them with the decryption key at no cost as soon as you possibly can.”  The March 24, 2020 report entitled “Cybercriminals’ Promises to Pause During Pandemic Amount to Little” included these comments after “Maze ransomware operation, for example, pledged that “we [will] stop all activity versus all kinds of medical organizations until the stabilization of the situation with the virus.”:

The University Hospital of Brno in the Czech Republic reportedly suffered an outage on March 20 due to a cyberattack, possibly ransomware.

Other groups have rapidly increased phishing attacks that leverage the subject of the coronavirus, and the COVID-19 disease it causes, as a lure.

And outright fraud has increased as well, such as e-mail campaigns collecting “donations” for coronavirus-fighting charities, according security services firm CrowdStrike

Of course no surprise, does anyone trust a cybercriminal?

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