Darkreading.com reported Microsoft announced end of life on January 14, 2020 and “Attackers are “chomping at the bit” to target victims still running Windows 7 and Server 2008…and it’s pretty much fair game for them to find ways to exploit vulnerabilities.” The January 13, 2020 report entitled “Microsoft to Officially End Support for Windows 7, Server 2008” included these comments:

If your organization doesn’t have the money or resources to upgrade, you’re not alone – but there are steps you can take to better protect your systems and prepare for the migration.

…IT and security teams to come together and establish an audit of services and hardware connected to the network, creating a full picture of every device, status, upgrading capability, and other factors. He also advises applying all available patches as soon as possible.

‘With the operating system not being updated past tomorrow, deploy all the patches, Let’s close that window of attack and minimize the attack surface as much possible … that’s going to probably be the easiest way to get there.’

Wake up time for all the Window 7 and Server 8 users out there!

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