reported from the CES 2020 that IoT may benefit from Blockchain since “basically the IoT solution is based on a very low-power CPU that is running the software, communicating through a gateway to the cloud and application. Basically, those devices are low power. There’s no practical cybersecurity to secure them.”  The January 17, 2020 article entitled “Why blockchain-based cybersecurity may be the answer for vulnerable IoT networks” included these comments from CES 2020 about the Blockchain approach of SigmaDots:

A “hacked” robot was on display to demonstrate how SigmaDots serverless architecture is poised to fend off IoT security threats.

And the SigmaDots solution, basically what it’s doing is removing the vulnerable part out of the system.

We have a distributed software solution that enables a secure system by putting a level of software on the device and distributing the vulnerable part of the server side, that a hacker cannot attack the sole devices.

In order to hack the device, you need to hack this whole system, the whole network.

IoT community – stay tuned to Blockchain!

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