reported comments from futurist David L. Shrier who stated that “2019 saw possibly $200 million or more stolen from various exchanges, and perhaps more unreported hacks occurred as well. I am hopeful that 2020 will see better cyber-hygiene and cyber-practices.”  The December 23, 2019 article entitled “2020 Vision: 7 Trends Bringing Blockchain Into Focus in the Year Ahead” included the comments:

2020 brings us the start of a new decade, and with it comes the gradual maturation of blockchain technology, bringing it down from the stratosphere to tangible impact on real-world problems. We may be a turning point for the industry.

Here are all 7 Blockchain trends for 2020 from David L. Shrier:

1. Blockchain, naturally…”natural uses cases where blockchain is clearly a superior platform versus other database technologies…”

2. Games people play…think videogames

3. Bitcoin is back (or it never left?)

4. China giveth and China taketh away…”The People’s Republic of China, in a matter of weeks, announced a warm embrace of blockchain on the one hand, and began aggressive enforcement actions against crypto companies on the other.”

5. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) at center stage

6. ‘Custody is king’

7. Cybersecurity? What’s that?

Stay tuned in 2020 for Cybersecurity in general and Blockchain in particular!

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