Darkreading.com reported about VMWare Carbon Black’s “…new analysis of threat data suggests retailers will experience a 20% increase in attempted cyberattacks this holiday shopping season…”  The December 12, 2019 report entitled “Cyberattacks on Retailers Could Increase 20% this Holiday Season” included these comments from Carbon Black from a recent survey of 20 CISOs and major retail organizations:

The analysis shows a surprisingly high proportion of retailers already have been impacted by recent cyberattacks. 

More than seven in 10 organizations (73%) reported an increase in online attacks over the past year, and 40% said they had lost revenue in 2019 as the result of one.

One-third of the CISOs VMWare Carbon Black surveyed described their organizations as having experienced an attack where threat actors got into their networks by moving laterally from the network of a partner or vendor. 

Troublingly, one in five organizations experienced a destructive attack, such as one involving ransomware or disk-wiping malware.

Happy Holidays, and be careful!

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