Darkreading.com posted an article entitled “8 Ways Businesses Unknowingly Help Hackers” included “the most common and consequential ways organizations unknowingly leave themselves vulnerable to cybercrime.”  The October 4, 2019 article included these obvious and avoidable 8 ways that your business can help reduce your risk of cybercriminals tied together with the use of Multi-Factor Authentication.  Including #3 Overly Detailed Job Postings:

Seemingly innocuous job postings may give attackers the exact information they need,… 

Many companies go into very specific detail about the internal software they use.

Instead of creating malware and determining whether it will work through trial and error, attackers with knowledge of the company’s software will know exactly what they need to break in. 

If they didn’t want to develop malware, they could use this knowledge to create a phishing campaign and lure victims based on the software they’re using.

Here are all 8 ways that your business can help reduce your risk of cybercriminals:

#1 A Picture Says 1,000 Words

#2 Out of Office: Watch What You Say

#3 Overly Detailed Job Postings

#4 What’s in an Email Signature?

#5 Failing to Verify Callers

#6 A New Kind of Credential Theft

#7 Watch Out for Gen Z

#8 Poor Application Security

How can you help your company avoid these pitfalls?

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