Since the advent of computers there have always been fear of job losses, but new jobs have been created, – will that be case with AI? Forbes reported that “While many reports tout the benefits of AI, there are many risks and unintended consequences, including the likelihood of replacing millions of human workers and unethical uses of the technology.”  The September 30, 2019 report entitled “Unbridled Adoption Of Artificial Intelligence May Result In Millions Of Job Losses And Require Massive Retraining For Those Impacted” included references to a PWC report “Will robots really steal our jobs?” with these observations:

While the study claims that employees can learn new skills, its logic is suspect to the realities.

In an effort to save billions of dollars in labor costs, Amazon warehouses have thousands of little, cute, orange robots made by Kiva, a robotics company acquired by Amazon for $775 million.

The Kiva robots needs only 15 minutes to find, pick and package an order, whereas a human needs about 60-75 minutes to accomplish the same tasks.

….workers at Amazon fulfillment centers and they claim that the pace and toll it takes on the human body is too much too handle.

Humans simply can’t compete against robots due to our inherent limitations.

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