Darkreading.com reported that Consumer Education is 1 of 6 security considerations because of the “sheer increase in the volume of consumer IoT fostered by retail and tech giants has created a massive attack surface. Consumers may have dozens of IoT devices in their homes. And with all of their variations in software, suppliers, and connection points, the possibilities for things to go wrong seem endless.”  The August 12, 2019 report entitled “6 Security Considerations for Wrangling IoT” promotes Consumer Education with these comments:

If more people are educated on what could go wrong, they will be more security conscious.

If they’re aware of vulnerabilities and issues, they can help prevent attacks.

Educating kids at an early age can also go a long way, just like they’re told to not open the door to strangers.

In our modern age, “safety” is still the issue, but the risks have changed.

The simple task of installing an application off the Web itself can become the weakest link.

Here are all 6 Security Considerations:

1. Team mindset

2. Standardization

3. Secure the supply chain

4. Consumer education

5. Secure applications that support IoT devices

6. Multilayered network security

IoT is critical given the billions of IoT devices now in use and growing!

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