Darkreading.com reported that the “…CISO is a “must have” position” in the results of a survey of “400 C-suite executives from enterprises across the UK and USA” and of course that “C-level executives say that a cyber security breach is inevitable.”  The June 3, 2019 report entitled “Majority of C-Level Executives Expect a Cyber Breach” included these details from Nominet.uk’s report “Business leaders admit to knowledge gaps and a lack of resources amid the growing threat of a cyber attack” included these comments about facing the inevitable cyberattack:

New global study reveals that 90% of business leaders feel they are lacking at least one resource necessary to defend against a cyber attack

The majority (71%) of C-suite members also concede a number of knowledge gaps, with the most prevalent being a lack of knowledge around malware (78%)

One-third (33%) state that they would terminate the contract of an employee who caused a data breach

I certainly agree with the survey results…what do you think?

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