Darkreading.com reported on a KPMG study about how “CEOs are increasingly paying attention to cybersecurity risks as a part of their overall technology risk profile. In 2018, according to KPMG, just 15% of US CEOs agreed that strong cybersecurity is critical to engender trust with key stakeholders; that percentage shot up to 72% of CEOs this year.”  The June 20, 2019 report entitled “Cybersecurity Accountability Spread Thin in the C-Suite” included these comments from Tony Buffomante (global co-leader of cybersecurity services at KPMG):

CEOs are no longer looking at cyber-risk as a separate topic. 

More and more they have it embedded into their overall change programs and are beginning to make strategic decisions with cyber-risk in mind,…

It is no longer viewed as a standalone solution.

This is good news, what do you think?


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