Darkreading.com reported on FireEye’s “Email Threat Report – Q1 2019” that “FireEye recently analyzed a sample set of 1.3 billion emails for the first three months of 2019 and counted more URL-based email attacks than attachment-based ones in the first quarter…. [and] observed a troubling 26% quarter-over-quarter increase in malicious URLs pointing to phishing sites hosted on HTTPS domains. ” The June 27, 2019 report entitled “Email Threats Continue to Grow as Attackers Evolve, Innovate” included these comments from FireEye:

Threat actors increasingly using malicious URLs, HTTPS domains, file-sharing sites in email attacks,…

Email continues to be an extremely effective vector for delivering malicious content because of how adept attackers have become at tricking users over the years.

The latest examples include the increasing use of malicious URLs in emails rather than attachments, a trend toward use of HTTPS domains for hosting malicious sites, and new variants of impersonation fraud.

Sorry to report this news, but it’s hardly a surprise!


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