Darkreading.com reported big “cybersecurity challenges aren’t limited to large organizations. Small and medium-sized organizations are subject to the same vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks that plague multi-national enterprises.”  The April 8, 2019 report entitled “8 Steps to More Effective Small Business Security” included these comments about #6 Don’t Take Backup/Recovery for Granted:

Ransomware is a wonderful tool for stress-testing the effectiveness of a small organization’s backup and recovery processes.

But it shouldn’t take a catastrophic attack to convince a small security team to be active in ensuring that even the smallest company has a robust backup and recovery program in place.

There are scores of packages available for backing up and recovering data from laptop and desktop computers along with the servers and cloud services that make up the modern business IT infrastructure.

The key difference in effectiveness is whether an organization has the discipline to maintain those routines, protect the backup copies, and practice restoration on a regular basis.

And these comments about #7 Mobile Matters:

No matter the size of the business, it’s a given that more work is being done on mobile devices, and therefore an effective small-team security plan must take mobile devices into account.

Mobile security has several facets.

The devices themselves must be protected from malware, the business information on them must be protected from unauthorized access, and the device’s access to business systems must be controlled.

For the small security team, these can seem daunting, but in fact there are free, low-cost, and communication-provider supplied answers to each of the challenges.

Here are all 8 Steps to More Effective Small Business Security:

#1 Cover the Basics

#2 Make Training a Priority

#3 Build a Solid Patch/Update Process

#4 Make Authentication Count

#5 Keep Track of Accounts

#6 Don’t Take Backup/Recovery for Granted

#7 Mobile Matters

#8 Get Help

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