The Washington Post reported that Walmart “The robots look fairly one-dimensional in nature, but their onboard sensors allow them to collect useful analytical data, the company said. The data may prove useful, providing the company with information about peak shopping hours or “which shelves are empty,”.”  The December 4, 2018 report entitled “Walmart’s latest hire: Robotic janitors that clean floors and collect data” included these comments about the “robot custodians are powered by Brain Corp, a San Diego-based technology company”:

Walmart’s latest custodial tool may look like a mini Zamboni, but it’s more like a Roomba, the robotic sweeper sliding across floors worldwide.

This week, the big-box retailer announced plans to place 360 autonomous robots inside Walmarts across the country by the end of January.

Their job: scrubbing the store’s expansive aisles and collecting data in the process.

But what personal data will they be collecting about shoppers from their cell phones in the Walmart stores?

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