reported that “The North Carolina State Bar recently founded a privacy and information security law certification. In the absence of a federal privacy law, such certifications could become common in other states.” The September 21, 2018 report entitled “North Carolina State Bar Launches Privacy Certification Amid Growing Cyber Focus” included these comments:

Right now there’s more supply than demand when it comes to lawyers who know their way around privacy and information security.

But companies and firms have demonstrated a preference for lawyers brandishing certification, such as those from the globally focused International Association of Privacy Professionals.

That’s one part of the reason the North Carolina State Bar recently became one of the first bar associations in the country to offer a certification in privacy and information security law.

The other part is the notion that with the absence of a federal privacy standard in America, attorneys looking to make a name for themselves could do well to focus on regulations governing their state of practice.

It will be interesting to see what other State Bars do about Privacy laws.

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