reported that a US$200,000 “…deposit is required to take part, with bidders needing to register their interest in the sealed bid auction by 31 October. The official bid for the bitcoins will take place on 5 November.”  The October 19, 2018 report entitled “Us Department of Justice to Auction off 660 Bitcoins” included a link to the US Marshall’s notice “FOR SALE Approximately 660 bitcoins” from “forfeited in various federal criminal, civil and administrative cases” including:

Theresa Tetley and Thomas Mario Costanzo who were both sentenced to jail time after prosecution over Bitcoin-related money laundering.

Here are the bidding restrictions as reported by Bitcoinnews:

Being run by the DOJ, there are unsurprisingly restrictions on who may participate in the auction.

While non-US residents and nationals are allowed to bid, they will all be subject to a screening process to ensure they do not appear on the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control list of Specially Designated Nationals.

A US bank account is also required to deposit funds for the purchase, alongside a copy of a government-issued ID and a manually signed “Bidder Registration Form.”

Stay tuned for my auctions since this is the third time since January 2018 that the US government has auctioned off Bitcoin.

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