The Washington Post reported that the new California Net Neutrality law “prohibits carriers from demanding special new fees from websites, and it bars Internet providers from selectively exempting their preferred apps from customer data caps.” The October 1, 2018 article entitled “The battle lines are already taking shape in California’s legal fight with DOJ over net neutrality” included these comments given the FCC roll back of the Net Neutrality in 2017:

The Justice Department’s case boils down to one central point: Under the Constitution, it’s the federal government whose policies must take priority over state law.

It’s the first net neutrality case to involve the Justice Department directly, and the outcome could affect not just how consumers experience the Web in the Golden State but also potentially across the entire nation.

Because of the high-stakes nature of the issue, analysts say the latest move by the government may even wind up before the Supreme Court.

Stay tuned to watch these roller coaster events that are Net Neutrality!

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