The Washington Post reported that Yann LeCun (Facebook’s chief AI scientist and an early machine-learning architect) said that “Facebook will dramatically accelerate its research into artificial intelligence, …in hopes of ensuring the social network doesn’t fall behind with the technology it will need to contend with Internet rivals and police its gargantuan audience.”  The July 17, 2018 report entitled “Facebook, boosting artificial-intelligence research, says it’s ‘not going fast enough’” included these comments:

A typical user can often miss the subtle ways Facebook’s AI influences their actions, including suggested photo tags, algorithmically decided News Feeds, friend recommendations, spam blocking and ad targeting.

AI is a critical battlefield for Facebook, with [Mark] Zuckerberg pledging to Congress and investors that automated tools would help solve some of the company’s thorniest problems, including extremist propaganda, misinformation and hate speech.

The company says AI has boosted its ability to monitor the social network’s 2 billion users, but it still relies heavily on human moderators and,…

So is this good or bad? Or do we have any control over the use of AI?

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