The Washington Post reported a 7 year old case will be considered by the US Supreme Court as to whether “Apple has “monopolized” the market for iPhone apps because it has total control over the games, utilities and other offerings that appear in its App Store.”  The June 18, 2018 article entitled “The Supreme Court will wade into a fight over Apple’s tightly controlled App Store” included these comments:

The lawsuit could force Apple to rethink the way it manages its App Store, long considered one of the most highly curated platforms in the business.

For one thing, Apple generally takes a 30 percent cut of all third-party apps sold through its portal.

In the eyes of the plaintiffs, that fee ultimately hurts consumers, because developers pass those added costs on to iPhone and iPad users who purchase the paid apps.

This case could also impact Google’s Android store and impact millions of users around the world!

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